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Rehabilitation Care Services

Rehabilitation is a set of care needed when someone is experiencing or is likely to experience limitations in everyday functioning due to ageing or a health condition including chronic diseases or disorders, injuries or traumas. We offer highly person-centered health strategy that may be delivered either through:

• Specialized rehabilitation programstargeting clients with complex needs

• Programs integrated into other health servicesfor example, primary health care, mental health, vision and hearing programs.

Our services are highly integrated to compliment surgical or medical health interventions, helping our clients achieve the best outcome possible; preventing complications associated with many health conditions such as spinal cord injury, stroke or a fracture.


Our services include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy and interventions aiming to increase exercise for an individual with depression
  • Interventions that support daily activities and community access for individuals with vision loss, such as providing strategies to complete personal care tasks and training in the use of white cane.
  • Early interventions to address developmental outcomes of a child with cerebral palsy such as fitting an orthosis, or providing training in sensory integration and self-care which in turn can improve participation in education, play and family community activities
  • Exercises to regain the ability to swallow or upper limb retraining or regain coordination, dexterity and movement of an affected limb following a stroke
  • Interventions that optimize surgical outcomes after a hip fracture, including exercise prescription, provision of a walking aid and education about hip movement to avoid during the recovery process
  • Interventions that improve safety and independence at home and reduce the risk of falls for an older person, such as balance training or modifying their environment